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  • If you didn’t already know, Channel 13 has a great blog site and plenty of recorded video material available on demand( This is great news especially if you have something you need to see that you may have missed from previous board meetings or events. The only bad news is that you probably won’t be able to go back and find out more about the song or slide that you may have noticed playing on the channel during the in-between times.
  • And that reminds me of the trend toward streaming all things. OK, great for stuff like meetings and anything where it might be inconvenient to attend. And if they archive it all, you could play it back when convenient. Thinks how cool that would be. I’d really like to rewatch certain things. For example, in a search for online slots us I found a site where on my first try I won several hands of poker, then proceeded to lose it all on the slots. So typical. But being able to tap into that experience – the high and then the reality smacking crash and burn that is much more the reality is sometimes a valuable lesson you have to force upon yourself. Rather I have to force upon myself, not to keep me in my place, but to remind me that life hangs in the balance between the perception of highs and lows
  • If you’re anything like us, you may be a bit confused about your garbage pick up. There’s a page on the official website of the town that list the days and locations (, which should make it very easy indeed (unless you’re really like us and occupy an apparent no-man’s land between obvious areas).
  • We’re knocking on wood as we say this, but 2011 may come with better economic news than we’ve seen in a while. Unemployment is down (overall, and personally speaking!), and retail reports a much-improved holiday season compared to recent years. That doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods! Housing prices are still dropping and there are still far too many foreclosures. I migrated here after spending a bunch of time in the Hudson Valley hawking robotic pool cleaners NY for a small operation in Newburgh. Very similar real estate situation there – I think the whole country is suffering somewhat. But anyone needing a pool cleaner probably isn’t too bad off. Although we saved ourselves from the worst via mortgage refinancing, it’s going to be a long time before our ‘investment’ pays off financially.


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Below are some of my very favorite places to visit when I am in the area. You should look into them too.

Mary Kay – Darlene Colvin Melani Taillon – Keller Williams Coastal Realty Member Benefits, Inc. Mobile Drug Testing MJS Engineering, PC Moe’s Italian Sandwiches Durham Newmarket Dental Newmarket Family Chiropractic Newmarket Fire and Rescue Newmarket Plains, LLC Newmarket Police Department


Newmarket School District Newmarket Storage, LLC The O’Connell Group – Keller Williams Coastal Realty


Newmarket News

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