Nobody knows for sure whether Newmarket, New Hampshire, was named after the Suffolk town of Newmarket, but it seems probable. To our ears, it has a much nicer ring than Lampreyville (an early name for the town which, like the river, came from good ol’ John Lamprey).

Whatever the case, Newmarket can certainly evoke the sense of a thriving but peaceful English village of a bygone age. However, the town’s rustic attributes and historical themes bely the modern influences at work.

From the Waterfront to the Mills, one can find a strong connection between Newmarket and the waters. Certainly, New Hampshire’s oceanside area is rather limited, and this may increase a NH resident’s appreciation of the proximity to Hampton Beach and Portsmouth. Simply enjoying the Great Bay views while chomping on gift baskets is worthwhile, and the water runs also essentially through the history of the mills (and therefore, the very spine of the town’s history).

Many who come to know Newmarket do so as students or faculty of the University of New Hampshire at Durham, our unofficial ‘twin city’ just a short drive (or a rather long but lovely walk) down Main. Don’t be confused, it technically becomes Newmarket Road for a while before it turns left, crosses a little bridge, and becomes Main once again. At that point, you’re nearly looking right at the school!

I attended University of New Hampshire. I loved the area and the people. It seems a life time ago as I ride the subway jammed in with all the other 9 to 5 work force here in New York City.  Canyon avenues of tall high rises, crowded sidewalks, traffic crowded avenues and side streets, hustle, bustle, go, go, go! This is not New Hampshire. Recently I received an unexpected text from my college room mate.  He was off on some crazy adventure and asked me to check out websites that offer at home std testing kits. Oh, oh. I did a google search and found a number of sites that sell such kits, but the one site I particularly liked offered lots of additional information about STDs and had an uncomplicated check out process. I can understand why someone might prefer to test themselves in the privacy of their home, getting a result in less than 15 minutes. My concern was how accurate is the test. This site gave a % accuracy for each kit, but also admonished visitors to see a doctor if the test came back positive OR if symptoms persisted. I sent off a text, ending with Good Luck. When I think about it, it would have been nice to have access to home STD testing kits when I was in college.

The internet also provides an excellent way to base your work where you wish to live, so if you love this town, you can reach out to the world from it. Many are doing exactly that. Jonas Marks has an internet consulting firm running from his home office. He builds websites and advises clients without having to get out of his pajamas. One client, an online jewelry shop sells gorgeous sterling silver rings with cubic zirconia settings. Cubic zirconia or cz are synthetic crystals that outshine diamonds with their clarity and brilliance at a fraction of the cost. The store also sells other forms of jewelry, but the cz rings seem to be one of the most searched for items. Jonas puts in time by helping the store understand how to get cz rings into Google’s search high enough to be productive. He also helps another client sell Batman shirts and hoodies. Another client is a lawfirm specializing in truck accident victims. All of this is handled from our small town with Jonas reaching out to the far corners of the USA using the internet and of course his cell phone.

The real character of Newmarket can truly only be found via a leisurely, rambling excursion off the beaten path. The natural landscape of both land and water provide refreshing experience, as well as plenty of opportunity for photographers and other visual artists. I especially like the old farms and unexpected little shores and inlets from Great Bay, but my ramblings often place me at the mercy of trespassing laws * *  highly discouraged!


Abacus Associates, LLC
AWS Green
Belinda’s Beauty Salon
Big Bean Café
The Bike Factory
Bloom’n Cow Ice Cream, LLC
Boxes Unlimited
The Cheney Companies
Chippy and the YaYa’s
Kim Caddle – Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Creative Revelations
Devantery Picture Frames
D.F. Richard, Inc.
Doucet Survey, Inc.
Dustin Marshall Photography
Eastern Propane & Oil
Edward Jones Investments
Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce
Federal Savings Bank
GeekToYou Computers
Get the Scoop
Great Bay Kids’ Company
Holiday Inn Express
Isaak Design, PLLC
John’s Computer Services
Kent & Pelczar Funeral Home
Kruczek’s Garage
KW Commercial
Kylene Photography
Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance (LACA)
Lineweber & Giffen Insurance Agency, Inc.
LOCO Sports, Inc.
Organic Bonita, LLC
Perkins Agency, Inc.
Proulx Oil & Propane Service, Inc.
Rideau’s Flooring
Riverworks Restaurant & Tavern
Russound FMP, Inc.
Seacoast Machine Company
Seaside Forensic Bookkeeping
Tattoo Junkies
TD Bank
Terbow Consulting, LLC
Testwood Design, LLC
Town of Newmarket Municipal Government
Zoo Nation

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